Law firms like yours invest good money after bad in marketing and advertising to make their telephone ring. Every inbound call from prospects is potential law business only if it's converted on that first inbound call. When that prospect calls they have very specific reason for picking up the phone and calling law practices. They have a problem they need representation on and they need a lawyer they feel confident will guide and counsel them to their ideal solution. This point of intake is the most important and critical moment in generating new business for your practice.

You can be the best attorney money can buy, but, unfortunately if your intake specialists cannot guide the prospect to an appointment with you then the time and money you invested making the phone ring will be completely wasted.  The relationship between client and attorney is a simple one.  The client exchanges their money for the value of your services.  If your intake process doesn't enact this transaction as speedily as possible (on the first call) then you'd might as well donate the money you invest in advertising to charity!

Many law firms think better marketing and advertising will bring them more clients.  Too many think if they push enough calls into the office they'll pick up clients through osmosis or simple math.  Quantity is not necessarily the answer.  Successful practices are built on successful systems, not hope and irrational math (Schedule your free Mystery Call now) .

"Attorneys are spending all this money and time to get a return, and what they are counting is what cases they've got at the end of the day. They need to think more about that, account more for what's coming at them, listen more carefully to the clients."

Harlan Schillinger 38-year veteran marketing law firms

Legal counsel isn't something people 'shop' casually, like buying shoes at or books at  Often they need their legal counsel now, and in some cases, they need it desperately now.  You shouldn't approach either the marketing of new clients or your intake process casually either.

Better Legal Marketing and Advertising and Intake Processes Go Hand In Hand

If you're marketing is good and it's pushing a lot of calls into your office but your intake process is limping along on life support then your great marketing is only exacerbating your intake process problems.  The marketing may be producing great response results, but if your intake specialists aren't converting inbound calls to appointments or cases there is no real return on your marketing investment... and more great marketing won't improve the results.

On the other hand, you may be happy with new client conversion, but imagine how much better, more selective and more profitable you could be if your intake process improved 10%, 25% even 50%.  For the solo attorney practice, a 10% increase in case work could mean significant growth. For the associate-based firm, a 10% increase could mean the difference in keeping the lights on and the shingle hung.  You want a system scalable to your needs and ability, but you first must recognize your intake process needs improving (Schedule your free Mystery Call now).

"I'm not the type of person who would have ever bought into intake training.  That being said, I thought Chris Mullins' was phenomenal in so many ways and I wish we had done this a year ago when we really started growing.  It takes a lot to impress me and, I can tell you, I am very impressed with Chris' program."

Attorney Brian Ricci, Ricci Law Firm PA

"I've been paying attention to Chris Mullins and recommending her programs for years.  Chris spoke to a roomful of lawyers, most of whom thought, 'I don't have a problem in my office.'  By the end of her talk she had them calling their offices on the break to check on how their phones were really being answered."

Attorney Ben Glass

Your Options are Clear

You can continue to ignore your intake process keeping your head buried in law books and ignore the opportunities you're missing in new clients and cases  You can continue to get the results you're getting now (good or bad) or you face there's opportunity for your process to be improved and take real steps toward improving it.  If you're not sure just how bad your intake process is, take Ben Glass' advice and play mystery caller to your own firm and see how the calls are handled.  A word of caution though, refrain from firing the people too quickly.  Rest assured, both your process and people can be improved, and I can help you.

I guarantee there's room for improvement to your intake process; for some a little, for others a lot.  The amount of improvement is only determined by how bad or moderately good yours is right now.  The only way to make that determination is to get expert assistance.

I can guarantee there's room for improvement because everyone's intake process can improve.  My team and I conduct thousands of inbound mystery calls to law firms just like yours and they're all in need of either a complete overhaul or only a few tweaks here and there.  Which does yours need, an overhaul or tweaks? (Schedule your free Mystery Call now)

intMy name is Chris Mullins and I am the Intake Process Doctor, specializing in working with law firms to diagnose and fix their intake process problems.  I'm the founder and CEO of The Intake Academy.  I have personally helped hundreds of law firms improve their use of the telephone dramatically improving the conversion of the casual caller to the serious client.  Much of my private client's success is achieved through their adoption of the architecture of my “Relationship Sales Conversion™” process.  If you're here I'll make the assumption you are interested in positively affecting the number of appointments (sales) you're getting from existing in­coming prospect calls; that you're spending huge sums of money to get and that show some level of interest (Schedule your free Mystery Call now).

Aside from clients who are referred to me (referred and continuity clients account for 77% of Intake Academy's clients of record) there are 1 of 2 paths they follow to connect with me.

  1. They buy and read one of my best selling books on the subject of Intake and then reach out for a private consultor, the more immediate path to significant results...
  2. They engage me to conduct a completely confidential initial mystery call of their law firm... testing their existing intake process.

What You Monitor & Measure Multiplies

What would the perfect intake process look and sound like.  The perfect system would be an automated answering machine, but that's not realistic because every prospect's case is different... no 2 cases are alike.  And what about voice mail... letting calls go to an automated answering service and then following up on them?  Your clients want action now!  If a real person (your intake specialist) can't answer their questions and satisfy their search for the right lawyer to represent them they'll keep dialing until they do find someone in whom they have confidence to represent them.

How do prospects know they have the right attorney?

'Selling the Invisible' - "With most professional services you are not really selling expertise - because expertise has to be assumed, because your prospect cannot intelligently evaluate your expertise."

What is your intake specialist selling at that crucial first call?  If they're selling your expertise, they selling the wrong thing and they'll surely loose that prospect to the competition.

How will you know your intake process is working at maximum efficiency?  When you're sitting in your office signing that next big check for the advertising campaign and you're ecstatic about signing the check.  It means the money you're paying to make the phone ring isn't a painful process because you know with uncertainty your intake specialists are producing all the new clients you could ever want.  However, if when it comes time to sign that check your hand quivers and shakes and you break out into a cold sweat then you either need better advertising or a better intake process to convert more of the calls the campaign will produce (Schedule your free Mystery Call now).

“Chris Mullins expertly and ably attacks a very significant problem area costing almost every law firm and all businesses large sums:  the handling of inbound and outbound telephone calls.  Attorneys, business owners and corporations spend huge amounts of money making the phone ring, and then invest little or no serious effort at insuring each type of call is handled properly and professionally.  I have urged clients of mine to utilize Chris Mullins, her programs and her team to work on this and see the profitable results.”

Dan Kenndy - Strategic Marketing Advisor & Direct Response Consultant and Copywriter

The telephone is the doorway to new clients and cases for every law practice.

"Chris Mullins has the keys to the door.  She understands the process.  She knows how to teach people with conversion and how to answer the phone much more effectively.   She has a solid plan for training and teaching people how to change their ways and get a far better yield for on the same money they spend now."

Harlan Schillinger - Network Affiliates

Your intake specialist is your ambassador of first impression.  How they answer your phone, engage prospects and how they convert them from interested 'shopper' to committed client is critical to your firm's growth and continued success.  They're either very good at it or there's room for improvement.  If you've followed me this far then I'm guessing you feel there's room for improvement and you need to take the next step to improve your intake results.

I mentioned earlier, aside from being referred to me or being an existing private client there are 1 of 2 paths you'll want to take now.  If you were referred to me then you'd be contacting my executive assistant Deanna and be scheduling a private consult call with me.  If you haven't been referred then you'll want to get either my bestselling book on Intake or you'll want me and my team to conduct a professional, completely confidential mystery call to your firm (Schedule your free Mystery Call now).

The path you chose will be based on how bad you may think your intake process is, or how serious you are at improving results.  If you're casually looking for more input and feedback on the intake process in general, not serious and ready to put your intake system to the test or make changes then my bestselling book, "Intake Specialists - The Unsung Heroes of® Law Firms Worldwide™" will be for you.

If your commitments are more immediate and you DO want to know how your intake specialists shape up against my 21-point grading card on the efficiency, effectiveness and conversion skills then you want my team to conduct a complimentary mystery call to your office.

Below, pick which you would identify closest with...

Intake Specialist Book



I want a Mystery Call!

I'm Very Serious About Fixing The Holes In The Bucket of My Intake Process and Want Your Team to Conduct a Complimentary Mystery Call to My Office.

Select #1 and you'll receive an electronic copy of my Intake Specialists book.  You'll discover why you should never send a prospect to an attorney as well as meet 5 Intake Heroes and their success stories.  There's enough information in this 178 page book for you to piece together material to be able to evaluate your intake team.

Select #2 and you'll be fast-tracked to one of my personally trained certified mystery call specialists.   You'll complete a very brief questionnaire so we can conduct the mystery call.  After the mystery call you'll have a one-on-one review with Chris Mullins on your mystery call.  In this diagnostic call Chris will outline a plan for creating a "No Excuses" peak productivity path for your intake specialists.


Chris Mullins

CEO - Intake Academy