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– Vickie

When answering the phone be grateful; it costs $350 for one prospect; show emotion, the caller has a problem and they need our help; let the client know they made the right choice by calling us; when passing a call to a caseworker give the caseworker any important info about the client; always be positive and confident when talking to clients and; always use your script.

– Vickie at Disparti Law Group

– Cara Lyon

Cara Lyon at The Christensen Law Firm says that during the phone doctor conference she learned to personalize your relationship with a potential client and use your tone of voice to develop a relationship with a potential client. Basically, everything that is discussed in every phone doctor conference call tells us to: sell the business, get people’s contact information, ask how did you hear about us or what prompted you to call our office, ask if I answered all your questions and thank you for calling [use the business name].

– Cara Lyon at The Christensen Law Firm

– Pat Misek

“Chris, I just had to mention how timely and informative this session was for me. Sharon just had a meeting with me about streamlining the phone calls, setting the appt. and yesterday, she asked me about my teleseminar conference. I told her about my mystery call and the suggestions related to this call and she thought this was great providing me with this guidance. So, thanks Chris, even the ‘Student of the Month’ is still learning!”

She adds that she is going to streamline her calls, discard TMI, move on and get the appointment! She is going to redo her script and they will both review and fine tune it.

– Pat Misek at the Law Office of Sharon A. Christie

– Thu Vu at Attorneys

“One of my tasks is to answer all of the in­coming calls when the lawyer is not available. I need to be familiar with the clients’ claim so I will know how to answer and help with his/ her questions/problem. I always try to form a relationship and trust with our client. If my connection with the client does not go well, I will then affect the bottom line.”

– Thu Vu at Attorneys McComb Witten

– Pat Misek

Pat Misek at the Law Office of Sharon A. Christie says to remember to ask “What prompted your call today” to start relationship building and to repeat back the problem. Don’t ask questions in a rote and mundane manner. Use voice and tone to make client comfortable. She adds… “Chris, many, many thanks for all your encouragement and kind words to me over these past months. The mystery training calls have been so very helpful in guiding me not just how to answer the phone, but getting the client info in the best possible way. Sharon has guided me in developing this position, like you said, by her communicating to me what she wants me to do. I also enjoy the special topics month — very informational and I do review the gold sheets with the highlighted points. I don’t want to become complacent, so these sheets keep me on track. I thank you for all your training and assistance, Chris, and best wishes in the future.”

– Pat Misek at the Law Office of Sharon A. Christie

– Cara Lyon

Cara Lyon at The Christensen Law Firm says that during her phone doctor conference she learned the 7 Characteristics and that this starts with owners, leaders and managers first. She says the part she enjoyed the most was for the owner, leader or manager to not expect team members to “wear 50 hats.”

– Cara Lyon at The Christensen Law Firm

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