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– Shirley Warner

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed listening to your monthly training call and will work on your suggestions. I really liked listening to the mystery calls. Listed below are some of my thoughts and gained tools. Thank you.

– Shirley Warner of Walker & Billingsley, Attorneys at Law

– Meghan Neathway

“As I was the person in the recorded mystery call last week, I learned lots of things in the session. It was a long call so lots of room for improvement. I learned that I speak too quickly on the phone, and that I am too quick to answer questions without carefully considering the briefest, most helpful answer. I did find it easy to relate to the caller but perhaps didn’t do the best job corralling her to the appropriate topics. I will have to work on controlling the conversation more. I also forgot to ask what prompted her to call that day. “As for an anecdote about exemplary customer service that caused me to purchase something, there is one recent example that comes to mind. I was in Starbucks, planning to order a plain coffee. However, the barista was very cheerful and upbeat and handing out samples. She convinced me to try a sample and to order the drink that I sampled. It was a more expensive drink and her upselling worked perfectly!”

– Meghan Neathway at McComb Witten

– Candace Griffin

Today was definitely a learning experience and put a lot of things into perspective giving me a stronger outlook on things. For example, I never realized how much I have in common with the average salesperson. Just like the sprint salesman who wants me to switch over to their service plan, they have to not only draw me in but also make me feel like I would be making the right decision by choosing them. This is exactly the approach I need to use with potential clients. I’m a legal sales rep, my product is disability lawand every ad call I take is a potential customer. I believe this way of thinking will deliver better results. Looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

– Candace Griffin, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.

– Sarah

Sarah at 1-800thelawyer.com says to make sure to try and have conversations with PNC’s be more like a conversation and less like we are interrogating them trying to get all the information that we need. “I would also like to point out that I worked all day on MWF, so if you could have the secret caller try to call on those days that would be awesome, because I want to get secret called!”

– Sarah at 1-800thelawyer.com

– Alexandra Chan

Thanks for another informative session. From today’s session I found the topic of cancellations very useful. I like the idea of having a step-by-step process for dealing with cancellations. For example: 1) automatically reschedule on the spot; 2) if they say no, give them an option of A or B and; 3) if they continue to refuse to reschedule, remind them of why they called us in the first place and show them that we understand what they need.

I believe these steps are not only useful for appointment cancellations but for our everyday lives. It is important to be able to think on the spot and deal with situations in which we get rejected, or get a response that is not what we wanted. It is very wise to think and prepare for the worst in order to react quickly and show the other person that we are determined to get what we want.

– Alexandra Chan, Marketing Coordinator of McComb Witten

– Kourtney Castelli

What I learned from yesterday’s seminar is how to provide excellent customer service to prospects and current clients. I gained knowledge on how to be focused and present within my conversations. Further, to have a powerful voice and control the conversation when it comes to new intake calls. Also when I have a bad day, I need to keep reminding myself I am grateful.

– Kourtney Castelli, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.

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