Prior to this line of work, I’ve done other freelance work as a writer. I built and sold a grocery savings blog several years ago. I’ve written copy for other industries including green tech and finance. My degree is in English/Creative Writing.

Basically, I had NO prior law experience. I was coming at it completely fresh. Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing injury law websites and here’s what I’ve noticed. Most of them use extensive “legalese.” They do not “speak” to prospective clients. I have had a hunch this is all wrong.

So I’ve taken a completely different approach. I use plain, easy to understand language to break down complex legal ideas. I work to keep the reading level around 4th-6th grade. Lots of white space, bullet points.

But more than that, I try to imagine an actual injured victim on the other side of the computer screen. How would I speak to them? Somehow through all this process, I’ve found your intake sessions through Pilmma. Though I’m not a true “intake specialist,” I want to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoy your teaching. In a roundabout way, your coaching has helped my writing. I work to weave empathy, sales language, and call to action (even that “big red bow!”) throughout the copy. I find myself gravitating to statements such as “we’re so glad you’ve found our page today” and “we help people just like you everyday” and “we know you’ve got questions. We’d love to help answer them.” etc. etc.

In a way, perhaps I do help our intake process. The words on our site may well be the first interaction anyone has with our firm. It occurred to me today that you might appreciate hearing how your teaching has helped people beyond intake specialists. The calls you share have helped me consider the very real people that could be finding and reading our website on any given day.

Thank you warmly for what you do!