Thanks for another informative session. From today’s session I found the topic of cancellations very useful. I like the idea of having a step-by-step process for dealing with cancellations. For example: 1) automatically reschedule on the spot; 2) if they say no, give them an option of A or B and; 3) if they continue to refuse to reschedule, remind them of why they called us in the first place and show them that we understand what they need.

I believe these steps are not only useful for appointment cancellations but for our everyday lives. It is important to be able to think on the spot and deal with situations in which we get rejected, or get a response that is not what we wanted. It is very wise to think and prepare for the worst in order to react quickly and show the other person that we are determined to get what we want.

– Alexandra Chan, Marketing Coordinator of McComb Witten