Thank you for taking the time in helping our firm to grow. This month’s training was quite the experience. It helped me look at everything from a different perspective. Working as the hearing supervisor you tend to be on the far end of the room when it comes to the marketing aspect of the firm. Well, that was my thought process at first. This session has taught me otherwise. I now know the importance of the sales and marketing features with Schwartzapfel Advocates/Lawyers. Companies are not only about selling the firm and how great or experienced we are. It is also about selling ourselves every day with every phone call we take/make.

In such a competitive industry, we must make sure all calls are treated as our one and only. If we can make the client feel like they are far more important than anything else, then we do not have to worry about any other competition. I also learned that we must show empathy for each and every one of our clients. Make them feel at home and as though they do not have to worry about a thing. Answers all questions and be very detailed so they know we are paying attention to everything. We want these clients to be a part of us for life. Whether it is through referrals or is just a passionate client whose life was changed due to our professional services.

The most important thing I learned besides making sure the client feels important every time was the importance of professionalism and following the intake script. I do not think it is so much about everything being said word for word, but most importantly:

  • taking a step back
  • slowing down
  • being welcoming/detailed
  • analyzing the situation
  • empathizing
  • being courteous and helpful in any and every way possible (whether we are able to assist the client or not)
  • making sure the client knows we are listening and how we will proceed
  • helping this firm stand out from the rest and helping the firm grow in all other ways (by identifying possible cases related to BI or WC)

I look forward to learning more and growing with this firm. I really appreciate this experience as a whole.

– Angelica Ortiz, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.