I’ve been paying attention to Chris Mullins and recommending her Intake programs for years but it wasn’t until she spoke at our 2013 Great Legal Marketing Summit that I had the opportunity to see her do a live presentation. Chris spoke to a roomful of lawyers, most of whom thought “well, I don’t have phone problems in my office. By the end of her talk she had them calling their offices “just to check in on how the phone were really being answered.If your business involves teaching business owners how to answer the phones, you need to book Chris for your next event.

I recently hired Chris Mullins to ghost call my own firm, just to make sure my phones were actually being answerd the way I thought they should be answered. The process of working with Chris to get the calls done was painless…the follow up call with Chris where we “dissected” the calls was somewhat painful. Turns out we had more training to do.

Chris to the rescue. Her system makes it easy for any lawyer (or business owner) to easily get their staff not only trained once but reinforced on that training frequently. I highly recommend the Intake Academy.

– Attorney Ben Glass, Benjamin W. Glass, III & Assoc. PC