Cara Lyon at Christensen Law Firm says she learned that when speaking to a potential client, the call needs to only last approximately two minutes. Within that time frame we do not use “normal” language, but “absolute” language. This en­tails: 1) Welcome potential client and get their name; 2) Ask what they are calling in regards to and repeat what they say to make sure you understood it correctly; 3) Ask if you can schedule an appointment to come in and sit down with an attorney; 4) If no appointment is scheduled ask for their contact information so we can mail out our free company newsletter/book; 5) Ask potential client where did you hear about us and, finally; 6) Remember this is similar to a sales call. Sell yourself and the firm. She adds… “I also learned that if you need to put a potential client on hold, to say their name and the reason why you are placing them on hold. When you get back on the line with them, tell them thank you for holding and ask how you can assist them. The worst time to put anyone on hold is in the beginning of the call. I will work on applying these steps when answering the phone.”

– Cara Lyon at Christensen Law Firm