We never stop marketing ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if we are advertising on TV, the internet, sitting in a hearing office waiting room, on a train, or surrounded by family or friends – there are always clients out there to be had.  Whether it be for SSD, WC, BI, or med mal cases, we are in a unique position to become “heroes” by helping the less fortunate win their cases and providing our clients and their family members with financial and medical benefits – in some instances for life.  Those people we help become a source of future referrals knowing the quality of service their loved ones can expect from us.There is always room for personal and professional improvement. What I noticed upon returning to the office in the afternoon was a noticeable increase the level of quality and care with which we handle phone calls for potential clients and existing clients. The impact from the AM session was immediate. We are not just becoming better professionals by sharpening our communication skills, we are becoming better people. That’s the difference our clients should feel every time they hang up the phone; that we’re not just professionals who are good at their job, we’re good people who listen and acknowledge our clients needs and then ultimately satisfy their needs by winning their case. I would suggest playing back unsatisfactory phone calls on a regular basis to those who are involved, in either a public or in private setting, as it is a very effective method to correct mistakes and ensure they are not repeated. A training session like this was long overdue and I look forward to future sessions.

– Daniel T. Poli, John H. Fisher, P.C.