Today’s conference call was especially helpful in addressing some of the issues we’ve been having with reception. All of this time, our focus has been on how the intake department and SSD department answers the phone calls. However, this focus was obviously misplaced as reception is the first person our potential clients speak with, therefore we need to work on making sure they are doing the proper greeting when welcoming the client to the firm.

I think the “warm transfers” and “trust transfers” are going to be crucial in taking the first steps toward building a relationship with our potential clients.

As you know, today’s conference heavily focused on the Acknowledge portion of the script and how we can tighten up on either getting clients into the office, or making sure that we don’t lose the potential clients when leaving things a little more open ended when we need to send the investigator out. I found your tips helping lock clients in even when we send the investigator exceptionally useful. If we implement this, it will keep clients “biting their nails” and staying put waiting for our call back, and will further ensure that they don’t go with another firm.”

– Lauren Harvey