“As I was the person in the recorded mystery call last week, I learned lots of things in the session. It was a long call so lots of room for improvement. I learned that I speak too quickly on the phone, and that I am too quick to answer questions without carefully considering the briefest, most helpful answer. I did find it easy to relate to the caller but perhaps didn’t do the best job corralling her to the appropriate topics. I will have to work on controlling the conversation more. I also forgot to ask what prompted her to call that day. “As for an anecdote about exemplary customer service that caused me to purchase something, there is one recent example that comes to mind. I was in Starbucks, planning to order a plain coffee. However, the barista was very cheerful and upbeat and handing out samples. She convinced me to try a sample and to order the drink that I sampled. It was a more expensive drink and her upselling worked perfectly!”

– Meghan Neathway at McComb Witten