Today was the first day of Schwartzapfel Lawyers Intake Training Seminar with Chris. I thought the presentation by both Chris was very interesting and informative. I was able to take away new techniques in order to improve my intake skills. First off, I didn’t realize how much money a firm spends on marketing and advertising each month. This shows the importance of being properly trained so we can do right by the firm and provide the best first impression to potential clients as possible. Chris showed the need to slow down a conversion and be able to really listen to the client. Even though I may be very busy with other factors of my job, I have to act as if this phone call is the most important phone call on the earth. If we can learn how to follow the script, we’ll all be able to properly take down the information needed to provide the client with the best experience when they contacted our firm. Looking forward to the next session.

– Michael Eason, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.