With all of the competition out there, it is important to stand out. One way to do that is to wow the potential clients right away. When a client calls our firm looking for representation, they most likely have 3 to 5 other law firms in mind that they will be calling to see who can help them the quickest. During the intake call, we have to remember to slow down and listen to what the client is saying. We have to show empathy and let the client know we understand this is a difficult time for them and we are here to help. If we personalize the call by using the client’s name and reassuring them that they have called the right place, they will feel important and will choose us to represent them. We can use the step of intake as a guideline to ensure that every caller receives all the attention they deserve.

– Nicole Smith, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd. Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.