1. I attended the intake academy for the entire days’ program and took many interesting concepts away with me. The ones that stand out the most that I hope to apply include the following:
  2. It is extremely important to remember that relationships come first and business comes second. We are a relationships and healing business more than a legal business.
  3. Empathy comes first.
  4. When a prospect calls, it was planned and it took them time to call, so I need to be ready and confident – game on.
  5. When a prospect calls, they have already spoken to or are planning on speaking with 3 to 5 other firms we compete with. We cannot sound like the others.
  6. Individually we need to be excellent, provide solutions and do the best we can do — be focused
  7. Be grateful.
  8. Eliminate the entitlement and complacency. I have to strive to achieve and stay focused, but walk a mile in the other person’s shoes at the same time.
  9. Catch each other doing something correct every day.
  10. The most valuable tool is your voice.
  11. Be honest.
  12. Intake consists of introduction, talk, acknowledge, konfirm and execute. Follow the script but don’t sound like you’re following the script, have a conversation.
  13. Three rules to intake are do not skip a step, make sure prospect and you are in the same step and complete each step/complete the process.
  14. It’s ok to compassionately interrupt and speak up/change your voice/be strong. Also be specific and explain what happens next.
  15. I personally am a “doing stabilizer calculator” which means I am a practical thinker who is steady, consistent, passive, accommodating and cautious, reserved, analytical and systematic. When under pressure, I slow down and can become critical.
  16. Thank you to Chris for a great seminar.

– Sara Harris, Schwartzapfel Advocates Ltd.